B.Sc. Community Health Science

The Bachelor of Science in Community Health degree program prepares students to effectively plan, develop, implement and evaluate community health education programs. Students in this program are exposed to material in health behavior, community health research, biostatistics, epidemiology, grant writing, health communication and professional development. Health-related knowledge is mainly acquired through research studies. These studies may include evaluating new medications and treatments for overall effectiveness and safety.
Graduates of the Community Health degree are prepared for entry-level health education positions in a variety of community health settings, including:

  • 1. Health agencies
  • 2. Worksite health promotion
  • 3. Government Organizations
  • 4. Research and development organizations
  • 5. Hospital settings
Objective of this program:

The objective of the proposed course is to create mid-level health professionals who would possess the necessary public health and ambulatory care competencies to serve the rural population and will primarily be deployed at sub centres.

10+2 with PCB

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