M.A. in Journalism

MA In Journalism:MA in Journalism is the next level course for BA Journalism students. MA Journalism provides in-depth knowledge about reporting techniques, journalistic traditions and ethics of journalism in India. This course prepares students for roles in media and journalism. MA in Journalism is apt for individuals who are more inclined towards reporting and journalism. MA in Mass Communication is for individuals who wish to learn the technicalities behind communication and various aspects of media.

Benefits of this program:

masters in journalism and mass communication lets you know about how to edit, write, click photos etc.Higher education can be gained after the Mass Communication course is done. This means PhD can be done in mass communication.Several employment options are available after the Mass Communication course is done. In Newspaper agencies, online media, television, All India Radio and various news channels offer job to them. Freelancing work like writing, editing can be done easily.


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