MBA in Agriculture

MBA in Agriculture: An MBA in Agriculture is also referred to as a Master of Agribusiness or Master of Agricultural Economics. These programs teach students high-level business and finance management skills and how they’re applied to the agricultural sector. In M.B.A. (Agriculture) student learns the production and distribution process for foods and fibres, as well as related business principles. M.B.A. (Agriculture) providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating the foundation, functional and elective courses relevant to management.  Master of Business Administration in Agriculture is often referred to as specializing in either agricultural economics or agribusiness. The M.B.A. Agriculture course is of two years duration and it career orienting in nature.

Benefits of this program:

Graduates have numerous employment options available to them in private corporations and the public sector. Students obtain pertinent skills that allow them to make sound financial and business decisions in the agriculture industry. Students with an M.B.A. (Agriculture) Degree are continuing their education; they may pursue a Ph.D. in Agriculture with specialization in management strategy, managerial economics or a variety of other areas.

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