Ph.D (Agriculture)

PhD In Agriculture: Agriculture PhD Program Information. Students studying for a Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture take a scholarly approach to land, food, and animal production. These programs prepare students for a wide range of agricultural careers, particularly in teaching and research. A PhD program in agriculture offers advanced studies related to plants, animals and farming in preparation for expert or academic positions. Students who have already completed a baccalaureate and Master of Science degree in a related field, like biological sciences, animal husbandry, or agricultural science, may further specialize their research and training in agriculture. Specializations could include animal husbandry, biotechnology in the field of agriculture, or sustainable farming

Benefits of this program:

A Ph.D. in Agriculture allows a student to gain more in-depth knowledge of the field and also specialize their research and skills on a specialized agricultural topic. Graduates can find numerous jobs in the fields of education and research.

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