University Objectives


Goal 1 – To educate and engage students in study, thought, and reflection about the reality of society at the graduate professional and post graduate levels to provide services to a global society.

Goal 2 – To provide a broad spectrum of professional education in the field of Medical, Engineering, and Management at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels that will prepare and build students for careers in organizational settings.


Goal 3 – To captivate and foster research approaches in relevant discipline and creative activities and to publish and circulate the findings of research and other creativities.

Goal 4 – To pursue internal as well as external capitalization from concerned respective ministries & other research bodies for research, scholarship and creative work.


Goal 5 – To provide service as leadership, consultation and guidance to the professional communities and organizations.

Goal 6 – To contribute to the good governance by participating in social as well as administrative activities at all levels – departmental, college or university level.


Goal 7 – To adhere and promote stronger collaborations and integration with national and international colleges or institutions or universities or autonomous bodies that can utilize, nourish and strengthen the YBNU’s research.

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